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Access to 1,500 puzzles and five difficulty levels, the Android-only Sudoku AI Factory app is an attractively ordered version of the classic puzzle game. The interface is easy to navigate and use, while the ability to use optional tips and aids means that playing the program is never a hassle. There are two different themes and fonts to choose from, as well as two input modes, so you can find a style of play that suits your own preferences. Another nice feature is the statistical tracking for each level, which allows you to compare your performance with the results of other players. Here is a sudoku app only for iOS, which gets the right basics of sudoku, and also adds a number of additional features.

  • You can do puzzles that change the grid size to 6×6 or even 25×25.
  • You can share your score with your friends by posting it on social media.
  • You are allowed to play the Sudoku game with unconventional variations with multiple forms like letters or to form words.
  • In addition to helping you solve challenging Sudoku puzzles, Sudoku Solver provides a number of printable sheets with Sudoku puzzles in five levels of difficulty.
  • A lot of people don’t like Facebook, but they do offer one of the best messaging apps.

Given Gage’s propensity for twisting classic games into something new, releasing a relatively straightforward sudoku app almost seems out of character. For one, he says that there are already plenty of excellent sudoku twists, making it a less-interesting design challenge. More importantly, though, he felt compelled to fill a void.

Sudoku Puzzle #14

Sudoku puzzles are categorized on the basis of difficulty levels in this game. Here, you will find 5 difficulty levels, from Very Easy to Very Hard. As you begin the game, timer displayed on the top of the game also starts running. To make this game easy for beginners, the symbols that already appeared in a row and column are displayed by a cross mark on them.

Available on all versions of the iPhone and iPad without purchase. Sudoku is a popular puzzle with numbers, which is also known as a magic square. The process of solving Sudoku allows a person to develop logical thinking, attention, and an analytical approach. The benefits of Sudoku are not only the benefits to the brain but also the ability to escape from problems, to concentrate on the task to the full. The game also features just what you would expect of a treasure hunting game-music, sound effects, and great graphics. This one will exercise your mental muscles on lots of different levels.

Types Of Sudoku Puzzles

This was our list of the best sudoku apps for Android. You can choose your pick and download them, and enjoy playing it in your leisure time. These games are not only good to pass your time but also help your mind to have a mini workout of its own. If you have any app suggestions or want us to cover any topic then comment it down below. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends. This is the classic replica of the Sudoku game and is suitable for beginners as well as advanced players.

Long Tap will let you play, edit a note about the puzzle overall, reset it, change the puzzle or get rid of it. This whole game consists of various miniseries levels that are limited in time. It’s a perfect option for all Sudoku stands that are bored with playing with numbers only.

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